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This page is a colection of incomplete projects, or games that don't deserve their own page.

H3H3 Summer

A game with a "vampire in a hurry" mechanic. Includes single and 2-player modes(WASD and Q / arrow keys and M key). 

This game was born from it's mechanics, and the characters and aesthetic where (rushed) thought of later. Made sometime around 2016.

Coco Escape!

Two scientists (xbox controls) must compete in order to see who can build a bridge out of the island the fastest. They must scavenge around the island and find logs, hide bombs in the ground, and rob logs from each other. Made by Coco Team for GGJ 2018. 

Nyarlathotep's Cavern

A former-sniper bounty hunter (Mouse aim) must shoot the demon three times before the game is over.  The demon can dodge using WASD. Made in 1 hour for the 1 hour GameJam (1HGJ) #161 with the theme "2 player".

Indiana Jones is Kinda Blind

Indiana Jones(arrow keys) must traverse a dark dungeon while avoiding the wild snakes lurking in the shadows. Made for the 1HGJ #162.

One-Man Band Fan

You are a one man band. Unfortunately, you've been kidnapped by Zed from Pulp Fiction! He lets you escape on one condition: You have to play music for him. Made for the 1HGJ #165.

Launcher's Sacrificial Disaster

Adventure in the sky, midst a holy war between fishmen and parasites (parasite is an insult). 1HGJ #176.


H3H3 Summer (1 Player).exe 11 MB
H3H3 Summer (2 Player).exe 11 MB
Coco Escape! 26 MB
Nyarlathotep's Cave.zip 5 MB
Indiana Jones is Kinda Blind.zip 2 MB
One-Man Band Fan.zip 4 MB
Launcher's Sacrificial Disaster.zip 5 MB

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